3 Million Viewers

As predicted, Mikeyssmail turned over 3 Million viewers Yesterday. The numbers are consistant on a daily basis to be able to predict it with some degree of accuracy. In 66.5 Days, Mikeyssmail is projected to Turn 4 Million Viewers. That’s by the end of February 2010.

The only thing that could change that is adding more and more value to the website I have. I have to keep listening to the ton of email that I get. More so… as I grow bigger, people are struggling to find something. I had to use this past week to really think how I can overcome this. The answer is pretty simple, though the implementation took hours.
I created a subdirectory of my entire collection. Provided the LINK to the actual starting video of each series. I have yet to get back into this and really simplify the names better. Right now, the exact file name in the YOUTUBE is the link name. I need to simplify it better.
I am adding more features. I have been busy writing patterns. Many tutorials are myself creating a pattern as I go. I understand, even going back into my own videos to find exactly what I have done. For many writing a pattern is better than a step by step tutorial. But there’s a larger number of people who prefer to follow along. I have to pay attention to both of these markets.
This has turned beyond a hobby. It’s turned into a mini enterprise. The amount of hours this has taken is beyond comprehension. The more ideas I come up with, Diva Dan is like… “Oh I will see you in the summer time!” haha
Where this leads? Is unknown, that’s the beauty about this whole exciting crusade.

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