Sometimes It Just Sucks

I’m a documentarian. I know it’s not a real word but I am one to record EVERYTHING… Don’t be surprised. My entire relationship with Diva Dan is in video format. Even the stuff that never makes it to Youtube is there.

Sometimes… I feel like it sucks the big one. People know this about me and will intentionally tell me something where it’s me that makes “higher powers” informed of a situation that is on going. Sometimes I hate the responsibility of it. Some weekends, I feel like a real snitch. Other weekends, I feel like I have done the company a great honourable service. Either way, some of my colleagues use me as a leaping board before proceeding higher.
For me it would suck that if my boss was side bombed with an issue which I knew was happening. I think that’s what makes me loyal but it also makes me a dangerous person. My boss sometimes tells me a situation where I am already clearly informed. Shocked they are when I add more to it that they didn’t know about. People seemed to turn to me to talk to. I think it’s because I don’t pose any immediately managerial threat. I will say though that some issues I know about will never see the light of day… because coming from my mouth serves no purpose. Or sometimes the situation is so big that it shouldn’t be me to educate someone else about it.
Some people like to tell me and then have me do ALL THE INNER work to get them resolution. However, they bail on themselves when push comes to shove. They bitch about things, but then don’t follow through with their stories or threats.
I had a situation where a person wants me to talk to the higher power, but even though I will make them informed that a conversation is required between 2 people needs to occur, that same person needs to approach that person at some point to initiate conversation.
Other people like to use me to get me to speak to another about a situation. However, I identify that what they are telling me is intentional so that a threat is coming from my mouth instead of theirs. In that case, I keep my mouth shut! If it’s important enough to them, they will find another way to do it or just plain do it themselves.

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