New Goal – It’s Huge!

Attached is one of my photos… and when you look closely you will see me strategically placed behind a tripod snapping this shot… Captured in time there I am!

You may think I am nuts for what I am about to say… but I think my new goal ahead is achievable, it will take time and further reaching out. In essence pushing the “POSSIBILITIES” window open further to see what’s beyond it.
I want to be the world wide hub for Crochet N Crafts. Not in the terms of tutorials but in people reaching out. Looking for connection. Trust me… we have all these websites where people are part of the BLOGGING BOARDS and stuff. But I want to be behind the creative centre piece of Crochet. People sharing, exchanging photographs, and whatever other smarter people can think of.
WHY DO I THINK THIS ACHEIVEABLE? I am number 2 for Crochet in North America. If you would have told me two years ago this was possible… I would have told you that you are out of your freak’n mind… BUT here I am… So what can I do more…
My goal is NOT TO BRING DOWN any other sources of tutorials. YES… Teresa is my biggest competitor but she keeps me balanced and I need her. Because of her, someone can take one of my patterns, go see her board and add more. VOILA… Instant connection.
The biggest factor we have here is not to violate copyright laws by demonstrating patterns illegally! That is the catch 22 here. There are many great patterns and many people who have come up with ideas but have locked someone like me out of it to demonstrate it on camera.
I want to create connection with viewers who have patterns that are EASY, yet elegant and fast to perform. Newbie Crocheters don’t want a huge undertaking for the first time.
This is my new goal… Are you Ready? Marketing strategies are going to change for me in the New Year… WORLD here I come.

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