Saying ENOUGH and Now The Detour

My Friend has been down the same road for 12 years and now has hit the detour sign… continue along the same road where there is no end in site…

It’s now time to make that decision… in my last post… I mentioned how this person’s belief system is in question with themselves, with whom play in the religion arena and what does both of these do for themselves personally.
Realistically, this person is in a dying faith system… few people want to be told what to do using an ancient belief system that the majority of us can’t find a way to see how it applies to us in today’s modern society. Many of the old teachings are contradictory to the way we see life. In many aspects, the ancient bible is filled with personal wars, hate, and barbaric practices of sacrifice and more. Some of us, hold steady to this book of teachings, and yet when you truly look at the stories, we don’t hear or see the story of the abused, but see the positive when people are converted to the religion… but at what costs?
It’s probably the reason why the majority are now nearly 50 years old or higher… they have been in the religion long enough that they are comfortable… However, I think it’s the younger generation who has learned to question things… in these questions… we are told not to question… JUST DO! Many of us have a problem with that, so we avoid the religions as a way of exercising personal choices.
So of course, I support my friend 100% to the decision they make today or tomorrow. The decision they will make will effect them for the rest of their life. It has to be a careful decision. However, why pretend to be something you are not. This person forced to accept communion to show a role leadership in a religion. Forced to play happy family when it’s nothing but people trying to fight to stay above the water. Being criticized for lack of this and that, when it wasn’t them who should have been criticized for those arguments.
Reality is… you can’t change people… you can only change yourself… everyone is replaceable. You may be missed, but life will continue along with you becoming a historical figure in a place. Sure people miss you, but they will get on with it quicker than anyone cares to admit.
I think the choice is clear, though this person’s future is not… However, it’s time for this person to regroup themselves, career change and feel the excitement of something new…
LIFE WILL GO FORWARD and so does my friend… Here’s the fork in the road… keep going down the road that is broken… or jump off and see where the next road will go!

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