Shaking Head In Disbelief

I know someone whom is struggling in the religious arena… ARENA? Yes.. ARENA… It’s anything but organized to a level that everyone receives humane treatment. BUT WAIT… it’s supposed to be humane and offer assistance to those who are struggling in many different capacities which may include financial, medical, food, and mental issues. But it eats their own till there is nothing left… in some cases, until you conform 100% and stop being a free thinking individual, you will never be considered equal.
Why is it that someone who is deeply involved in religion can be torn to a degree of absolute frustration with whom is approaching them and quoting the word of GOD but seems to be having their own agenda in playing in the Arena?
The more I think about it, the more frustrated I am with it. It appears and is taught that only GOOD DOERS are religious in nature… Who is quoting GOD more is the more right person in a conversation. WHO appears to be doing heavenly work is the person who needs the protection. Yesterday, I was walking a cart back to the grocery store cart depot. I offered the neighbouring car to take theirs back at the same time… I felt good that I helped someone… and I did that without a religious context… I was just being humane.
What is clear… that people misuse and abuse the religious arenas. YES, I have a family member I know that uses Church as the escape to solve issues. When life is good, you don’t see them go near it… but they have learned that playing Church and bible studies gets them the help (Financially or Donations) to get by… IS THIS WRONG… or JUST SMART THINKING?
The problem with churches is that it needs to be run like a business. There are financial obligations that need to be met. The same business rules apply to those who are working directly for the church. WAIT THOUGH… If I throw in a PEACE in an email as part of my signature, does it mean I mean it… or is just there because I programmed it to be?
Churches, in some cases, allows the unable to be fully able and use the power of God’s word to manipulate others to believing a false reality.
So what should my friend do… continue to be frustrated in an arena where the free thinker will be eaten alive. Should they fake the PEACES in emails and talk about how much they love Jesus to be considered as important as the rest. Or should they just throw in the towel and say… this monster is too big to overcome?
But I do ask you a question… MOST CHURCHES, the demographics are nearly 50+ years or older… why is that? Has the younger generation learn to think for themselves? Does the younger generation see the manipulation in full swing? Or have I just been around the wrong area? THE WRONG AREA wouldn’t be suffice because emails are received all around the world quoting jesus against my lifestyle… Quoting a man I can’t ask for myself… I find that convenient… asking into midair and hearing back my own thoughts or moral compass to speak.
I feel in despair seeking an answer that I don’t feel can be answered… For that… makes me feel helpless… and my friend remains lost trying to figure if their belief system is in question…
I struggle.

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