Religion & Me

I’m growing pretty frustrated with religion and how it pertains to me. Coming out of a 5 years LTR with another person whose parents were Jehovah’s Witness, I found myself questioning the motives for RULES.
Diva Dan belongs to a church. Being involved, I hear the ins and outs. Listen to the congregation and you will be shocked why people attend week after week. It’s clear that organized religion in our region of the world is dying off. There is just too much crap going on that isn’t holy or loving.
People say to get over the POLITICS of a church’s inner workings. I argue that why should people get over it, most of the people on the committees are volunteers doing “God’s Work” in helping to run the church. More over, I see so many frustrated people trying to make sense of it. People nearly in tears due to the politics. Money being foolishly spent. Ideas having side motives that the average person won’t know. Where is the honesty.
Church, as I see it, is about popularity and who is able to get the butts into the seats. Is there such thing as a team.
I seen a saying today that really bothered me today. It has inspired this blog. It read “You don’t need to defend God’s Existence, there’s no proof that he doesn’t exist!”
I find myself so bothered by that because here we have a theory that is main street. A pastor I heard say weeks ago to the congregation. JESUS STUDIED THE BIBLE! What a load of crap, the bible didn’t exist during his time frame. It was written after according to the majority of religions. So this so called PASTOR is misrepresenting people along.
It is possible that this whole Bible was created to bring order to society. Running society based on fear. Our governments do it all the time. The United States is a prime example of people living in fear. Fear causes people to not question anything but to follow the prescribed course of action so that further issues under the table can exist.
I worry that the religion that we are supposed to be following is propaghanda that the history created which has become tradition and laws.
I find myself questioning that saying that bothers me… WHY?
What if you had a mentally ill person saying they see someone and are talking to them. We automatically discount them and say no you are wrong. BUT WHAT IF that person really does exist in the form of a spirit, different realm and so forth. To that person, the person they are talking to exists and yet we say they don’t! This same person has the right to say… “THAT PERSON EXISTS BECAUSE YOU CANT PROVE THEY DONT!
I believe that my SPIRITUAL ADVISOR IS GABRIEL and I am not kidding. Christians will tell me I am full of crap. Non spiritual people won’t care. I’ve been told by someone that it is their life long mission to ensure everyone knows God Personally!
In many ways, I feel like we are in hell already because we are unable to come up wiht a common consences on what spiritually really is… I know I am going to go to the grave one day and this won’t be solved. Something huge has to happen to get people to come together.
As technology and more artifactual information is found. Religion is becoming more and more exposed.
I have written before saying that I can’t believe people write me and say god told them to say the most hateful stuff to me. These people claim they are richeous christians who discount my life in the name of God. They are essentially saying to me that GOD sent them to tell me that I need to change or go to hell.
While I write that, other christians who are more excepting of different faiths will say, don’t listen to those people, or to the church that is saying that to me. They don’t know what they are talking about. They aren’t representing god but representing their own beliefs.
MY POINT… WHO IN THE HELL IS RIGHT… both are religious but looking at me in two different avenues… 1 is more accepting of cultures than the other…
It’s no wonder why I stay clear of religion.

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