Working At My Real Job

For many, they think I spend a great deal of time here at home on the computer. Reality is, I do spend a large percentage of my home time here behind the monitor but then I work too.

I rarely take holidays. I have the perfect shift of working 4 days a week. My shift forces me to give up my weekends but I would rather work 4 days per week and take my time off during the week anyway.
Today is Monday, it’s my Friday… Like many on Fridays, they feel tired and worn down from the work week. Monday is not exception to me.
Tonight, I was suppose to do my live broadcast but I am tired. I napped after supper for 20 minutes… It’s down time.
Tomorrow, I am heading to the chiropractor to sit through 1.5 hours of his payment and care package. In many ways, I feel like it’s a money scam; however, I am need of relief.
That’s it for today, Later Gaters!

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