Medical Update

I posted in June that I was having trouble with my left arm… as the Month of July hit, it was getting worse… to the point of having to go to Emerg.

A CT scan was done. It was revealed that my neck (right side) bones have significant degeneration. However, the pain doesn’t explain the that finding…
Eventually… after diagnoses… I was suggested to take Yoga… Diva Dan and I are doing that now. I am sure my back is hurting lately cause of it, but I am unsure.
I have seen a preliminary chiropractor but still in the stages of setting up treatments. I accidentally missed the BILLING SEMINAR in which I have to sit and be told how many thousands of dollars its going to cost. I am hoping tomorrow, when I go, that I am not pressured or made to feel guilty by any decisions I make.
I have been noticing the pain in my left arm. A nerve test revealed normal.
I am having trouble standing for a long period of time. The pain is shooting up my right side. It turns out that the chiropractor says I have an abnormal curve on my right side. The right side of my body is lower by 1/2″. It explains my pain. When standing, I feel much better when I am wearing shoes than being barefoot.
I am hoping to get relief soon from this.
Chiropractors are not covered in the medical coverage of Ontario. However, I have a plan at work that can cover it 100%. I am fortunate to have that.
I would like to upgrade my glasses again to a very light pair. I have stylish glasses but so sick of them slipping down off my face… drives me completely up the wall!

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