The Person In Front Of The Camera

The person in front of the camera isn’t he same person behind the scenes…

I am a person who has no friends off camera… I have several acquaintances and will give a friendly “hi how are you” when in person… but I am not one to strongly socialize with others.
My popularity on Facebook and Mikeyssmail You Tube is an ONLINE persona that I have created for myself. It’s like my Avatar… of camera… I can sit for hours surfing the net listening to music. I listen to the same music or song for hours at a time.
I like to re-watch the videos I post of myself. I do it for self reflection… am I eminating the person I am or is it the person I want to be?
At work, I am popular and laugh at lot. I apparently being a sense of humour into the joint. I’ve been called upon saying that I create the fun for the workplace. I manifest and create the joy. Something that I always suggest to do. That is something that I preach and practice.
I am not a person to go visiting anyone. I like going places, but I don’t necessarily like visiting people. It’s like my mother at a family reunion, projecting how amazing her life is, meanwhile it’s not the truth… I can’t do that… I won’t do that…
I have nearly 2 million people who have passed through my webspaces… with tens of thousands of emails of appreciation from all walks of life for my presentations… Clearly.. I am projecting myself right, but at home here… I prefer to be left alone with my man. I see situation through video opportunities. I don’t stop living in the moment to video tape it, it’s just incorporated as part of the fun… 100’s of videos never make it to live broadcasts.
I don’t get along with anyone who feels they are deserving of better treatment because of WHO they are… I don’t enjoy conversations with people who don’t inspire me. I love hearing people’s success stories of personal fulfillment and overcoming situations… I despise conversations where the person is always echoing the same circle of conversation of feeling sorry for themselves instead of making the changes they need to.
I enjoy very raunchy surprising humour. That is the secret to why Diva Dan and I get along so well. He knows how to make me laugh.
More later…

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