The Train Tracks Ahead

Where is Mikeyssmail going in the future? I don’t really know. I do know that it is growing at a phenominal rate with even more communications involved with keeping it alive.

I am extremely proud to have the resources to be able to reach out to the millions of people who are like minded with crochet. My enthusiasms for projects echoes across the world.
I love the fact that, my main man, Daniel is so heavily involved with it’s creative process. Finally someone supporting the imagination and thoughts of building an unknown audience. I feel so privledged with having him at my side.
So where is my internet presence going? I have no idea. Will it be super huge one day? I have no idea… I just keep plugging week by week. I am just so honoured to have people make such positive comments daily to my creative processes.
So here’s to the future ahead!

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